Monday, January 30, 2012

Warmer Week Ahead!!

It definitely feels more like Spring than Winter. Tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees....not the norm for this time of year! Time sure got past me this weekend but I will be working hard and will have a bunch of items listed next weekend! Enjoy your day!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage Style Teddy Bear & Angel Make Do Doll

just listed on Ebay for 3 day auctions. I was hoping to get more items finished to list tonight....but of course there is not enough time!! Next time I list I will have more done :)

Please stop by my auctions to take a peek and for a full description of the item. Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEW 2012 E-Pattern

I have just finished making my first 2012 E-Pattern. It is for my early style sheep. He can be made from just muslin, fake sheep fur or use the antique cotton seed batting like the one I made. The finished sheep will measure approx. 12 1/2" tall X 10" wide. You will just love how prim he looks :) This is for the emailed pattern and NOT the finished item. You can purchase him by clicking the BUY NOW button below the picture. Please make sure you state the email address where you would like it emailed if it is different from your Payapl email address. The pattern is a large PDF file. I will email your pattern to you within 48 hours.

Price US $8.00

He is also available as an instant download on Patternmart, below.

PM1201 Primitive Early Style Sheep Pattern

PM1201 Primitive Early Style Sheep Pattern

Price: US$8.00

Click for details

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Days Auctions Now Listed on Ebay

I have just listed a couple Valentine's Day, vintage/antique items and this early style sheep on Ebay for 3 days. I am working a more items and will be listing them soon!! Enjoy your week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter has arrived.....

Winter is finally here!! It has been snowing on and off all day here and we received about 4" so far with a chance for about 3 more inches. It is very windy and supposed to get below 0 with the wind chill....brrrrrr!! I love seeing the snow fall...reminds me of a snow globe but hate having to leave the house and drive in it!! I am so happy I have tomorrow off of work and can work on a few creations :)

Two days ago, Hubby and I made a kitty shelter outside under our pool deck for the strays outside. We sectioned off an area and put up some black landscape cloth and then went around and hung plastic to make a tent like house for them. We then put up some plywood to help block the wind even more. It is blocked from the wind really good! We have a medium size dog house, a house made from a plastic tote and a tote that is laid on its side all filled with a ton of straw. The whole area has about 2 feet of straw in it along with water and food. We feed 4 stays...Scruffy, he is white and grey (I think he is the oldest), Whitey....he is all white with golden eyes. He is starting to come around and actually let me pet him for just a second. The other day when I fed him he walked about a foot away from me and started rolling around on the ground and then got up and walked away...I think he was saying "thank you for the food!" Then we have two new comers....Half and Half....he is dark gray and white and Little One...he is about one to two years old and is the youngest. He is also grey and white. Whitey and Half and Half don't seem to be as afraid of people like the other two and I just hope they were not someones cat and they let them out to fend for themselves. That just breaks my heart!! I worry about them all as if they were my kids and am trying to help them survive the best I can, especially in this colder weather!! I have two indoor cats and cannot bring in anymore. My female is very territorial and it took 4 months for her and my male to get along! They are both rescues and I wish I could rescue them all and do more for them!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year & A New Creation

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and I wish everyone good health, happiness, more good times and less hard times and success in all that you do!!

I thought with the new year, I would try a new art medium...clay!! I have just listed on Ebay my first doll of the year and my first OOAK clay head doll. I have had so much fun creating this set and cannot wait to start on my next character!! Hope you can stop by my auction to see all the detail this set has. This is a great set for the Primitive Santa/Winter Doll Collector!!

Have a great week!