Sunday, February 22, 2009

NEW $9.99 Ebay Auctions

I did it!!! I've managed to get a few things finished and listed on Ebay this evening. My new auctions are started at $9.99. I will be working on a couple more items and hope to get them listed mid week. Click here to view my auctions

Even though I had a longer weekend with Friday sure went by fast and I wish I had tomorrow off too to get all of my cleaning done, lol! I am in such a mood to do some Spring cleaning and just might start room by room this week and get it done.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

NEW Primitive Early Style Horse Ornie Pattern

I know I have been slacking off on posting and creating lately but I guess I needed a little break. I took the day off from work this past Friday to just get out and enjoy the day. My husband and I took a little trip into the country to visit one of my favorite antique stores and stopped and had dinner. We had a great time and a drive in the country really does wonders to clear my head and get me back on track!

Today I just got back from my girlfriends 40th surprise birthday party. It was so much fun to spend time with her and meet some new people. She is such a sweetie and a very good friend of mine, we have been friends since high school.

I did manage to get a new pattern finished and is for my prim early style horse ornie.

I will be working all day tomorrow on some new creations for Ebay and hope to have them listed either tomorrow night or Monday evening. Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Day Ebay Auctions

Hey everyone. Seems like it has been forever since I've posted on here. I have been working on some new items for Ebay that I have just listed for a 3 day auction and will be working on more items this week. Click here to view my auctions

We have had some pretty mild weather that past few days and I am thinking Spring!!!! Me, my husband and niece went to a Fishing and Outdoor show on Saturday. We had so much fun gathering information for everything outdoors and sampling some beef sticks, jerky, chocolate and dips. We love the outdoors and are going through some major cabin fever, lol! I can't wait until it warms up so we are able to go camping, fishing, hiking and just being outdoors enjoying nature.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

NEW Primitive Abby Rabbit Make Do Pattern

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!! I really do not have a favorite this time but do enjoy watching the game. It is half time right now and the score is Steelers 17, Cardinals 7. Got some hot wings in the oven and lots of dips and snacks but wanted to get my new pattern listed before I pig out, lol. The pattern is for my Primitive Abby Rabbit Make Do on the left side bar. I will also list her on Pattern Mart shortly.

Time sure does fly by. I wanted to get some new things listed on Ebay but there just was not enough time this week to get them done. I will have new items listed soon!

Well, going to go enjoy the half time show. Enjoy the evening!!