Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Harvest Update

Happy Fall!! I do apologize for not having an update in so long but I am back to creating and have a few Fall/Harvest listed below for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please email me at with the item name, and your zip code and paypal email address and I will send you an invoice for the item. Items will be sold by first come first serve. Thanks so much for stopping by ;)

Primitive Pumpkins in Vintage Wooden Shoe Shine Box
This vintage shoe shine box measures 11" high x 10" wide X 6" deep and is filled with some dried grass, corn cobs, dried sunflowers and two of my primitive pumpkins. It is adorned with a vintage reproduction label. 

Extreme Primitive Scarecrow Doll with Pumpkin Doll
This extreme primitive scarecrow measures 32" tall and is completely made without using a pattern!! He is all hand drawn and is a one of a kind for sure with a ton of detail right down to his little pumpkin buddy. Both have a real pumpkin stem. He looks so amazing in person!!

Primitive Pumpkin Doll
This hand drawn and rag stuffed pumpkin doll measures 16 1'2" tall and was made from thick vintage woven fabric! He is wearing his overalls and is adorned with a dried corn cob and  real pumpkin stem.

Lighted Vintage Metal Lunch Box with Harvest Pumpkin Doll
This vintage metal lunch box measures 8" wide X 9" tall X 5" deep, not including drieds..... and is filled with one of my primitive pumpkin stump dolls, 5 ears of Indian Corn, an adorable primitive field mouse, some broom corn and a battery operated grungy light. There is a vintage reproduction label attached to the lunch box.

Primitive Black Pumpkin Doll Make Do
This sweet hand drawn and rag stuffed black pumpkin doll measures 18 1/2" tall. She is made from a vintage feed sack and is securely attached to a vintage beehive spool and has a real pumpkin stem.

Thank you for looking!!