Monday, January 26, 2009

NEW Folk Art Rabbit and Black Cat Shelf Sitter...

just listed on Ebay.

Hope to get some more items listed and a pattern or two done by the end of the week. Have a great evening!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Progress......

The 17th of this month has been two months since we brought in our rescue kitty ~ Patchy. She adapted quite well to our home....almost too well, lol. We took her to the vet to get her nails trimmed and found out that she has an ear infection! I was so mad because the vet we took her to when we brought her in cleaned her ears and said nothing about an infection. So my guess is she had the infection for the two months we had her and possibly even before that.....poor baby!! My other vet gave me some ear wash and ointment for her infection. No wonder she is crabby.

She is such a sweetie but still has some issues with our baby boy Boo Boos. Maybe it is because she is not feeling good with her ear infection. Boo is still scared of her and will hide most of the time when she is out. They are getting better but she loves to chase him when she sees him. She obviously thinks she is the boss and may very well be the boss. Hopefully things will get better and they will be friends with each other. Here is a pic of my baby boy Boo, who hates his picture taken.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

NEW Early Style Rabbit Doll Pattern

It has been a rough week. I have been fighting a sinus infection and have been so drained but managed to finish the pattern for my early style rabbit doll. The pattern is located on the left side bar;)

I have also listed the last of the angel ornie tucks and relisted a couple other things on Ebay.

I wanted to let you know that I have left Lemon Poppy Seeds website. With working, family, furbabies and trying to list weekly on Ebay and keep up with my blog, I just do not have the time to make items for a website too. I enjoyed being on there but just had to let it go.

I am working on a couple new items and hope to have them ready this weekend. Take care and have a great evening. I will be back in a day or two;)

Alley Cat Rescue.....Please help!!

Jenny from "Wonders of Whimsy" has started a blog called "Alley-Cat Rescue" She is doing such a wonderful thing and needs our help!

Jenny's blog was created to set up a non-profit organization to help the feral cat population in her area. She is hoping to raise money by selling art and taking donations to purchase cages, pay for medical expenses and food. Her goal is to catch, fix and release the cats back to the same spot.

Jenny is offering hand made items up for a raffle on her blog "Alley-Cat Rescue". It will cost $1 per chance to win one of her creations. You can donate $1 or more to help these furbabies in need.

A little bit about feral cats.....

Feral cats are the 'wild' offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Feral cat 'colonies' can be found behind shopping areas or businesses, in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. They are elusive and do not trust humans.

Many people assume their animals will survive when they move away and leave them behind. Contrary to popular belief, domestic animals do not automatically return to their "natural" instincts and cannot fend for themselves! Already, U.S. animal shelters are forced to kill an estimated 15 million homeless cats and dogs annually. The alternative to humane euthanasia for almost every stray is a violent end or slow, painful death. Many "throwaways" die mercilessly outdoors from starvation, disease, abuse --- or as food to a predator.

Please help!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

NEW FREE E-Pattern & New Ebay Listings

As I stated below, I am sooooo ready for Spring and wanted to share another free pattern with you. It is my Primitive rabbit make do pattern. The pattern is located in the green box in the right side bar. I hope you enjoy making him!

I have also listed a few more items on Ebay with FREE shipping! To visit my auctios just click on the link in the left side bar.

Is anyone else ready for Spring????

I don't know about anyone else but I am so ready for Spring. We have had ice storms, thunder snow, blizzards, plain old snow storms and sub zero temps. I guess if I did not have to travel every day in it to work, I would not mind it so much. I took this picture during the week. I love the simple look of it and wanted to share.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Pattern and Ebay Listings

Isnt winter just great!!! We are under a Blizzard warning this evening into tomorrow morning. I feel like a little kid hoping for a snow day from school, only I wish it would be a snow day from work, lol! I hope we do not lose power this evening...that would not be fun at all!!!! This week is supposed to be bitter cold. I have been pretty busy last weekend creating more items for Ebay. Here is a peek at my new offerings I listed last night. I am trying to list something weekly. Click here to view my auctions

I have also released the pattern for my primitive Valentine black cat ornie. The pattern is on the left side bar.

Bundle up and stay warm!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Pattern and Listings on Ebay

Good Morning!
I hope you are enjoying the new year! I sure have been enjoying my four day weekend with creating some new items for Ebay and a new pattern. Here are a my new items on Ebay. Click here to view my auctions

I have also released the pattern for my primitive black Valentine cupboard doll.