Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Early Wooden Small Barrel & Americana Angel on Ebay

I know I said I wanted to try and list something on Ebay every other day but I got caught up with some major Spring cleaning!! Hubby and I have been moving furniture for the last two days and have been cleaning from top to bottom. It feels so good to accomplish things around the house and have everything all clean and spiffy!! I even cleaned my craft room and moved things around. Boy, did it need it! I can't wait to get back in there and create some more. I did manage finish another Primitive Porch creation and listed her on Ebay, just click here to view my auctions.
Here is a sneak peek of her.

I am also parting with one of my flea market finds and will do so as I find these great treasures.

Hope you can stop by and check out my auctions!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trash to Treasure...New Ebay Listing

I knew once I saw this colonial looking doll cradle at the local thrift store it would look great painted and distressed.

So I brought it home and started working on it. I painted it a robins egg blue and did my distressing technique on it. After it was all primmed up I thought it needed a blue ticking sawdust filled pillow and a prim sawdust filled doll to go along with it. I then started to work on the pillow and the doll. Here is my finished primitive set that I just listed on Ebay. Click here to see more pictures.

I will call this one my trash to treasure! What do you think?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Ebay Listings and New Goal

I have decided to give myself a new goal .....to have something new listed on Ebay every other day. I hope I can keep up with it with this warmer weather coming. At least I am doing better posting on my blog, lol!

I have just listed a couple new auctions, one yesterday and the other today
to take a peek, click here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Primitive Rusty Electric Lantern Light Tutorial

Well, I thought I would try and do my first tutorial of this
Primitive Rusty Electric Lantern Light

I found this black lantern at Walmart where they have all of their candles for under $6.00 and thought this would make a great primitive electric lantern light that we all love. If it is not located in the candle section then it should be by the camping equipment. I have done this with antique oil lanterns as well. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!


*Black Oil Lantern (Found at Walmart in the candle or camping aisle, under $6.00)

*Light Cord w/Clip Light
and on/off switch 6' (Found at http://www.rustytin.com/craftsupplies.html )


*Cinnamon (you can also add clove, nutmeg, etc. depending on the spices you want)

*Matte Finish Mod Podge

*Foam or Paint brush

*Needle nose pliers, regular pliers and Wire cutters

*Clear Matte Spray (Found at Walmart)

Remove the wire handle from the lantern by pulling apart slightly (outward). Then remove the wick by turning the round knob that sticks out until the wick comes out. Press the little wire lever down and pull the top of the lantern up to remove the glass. Take your light cord with clamp light and plug it in to make sure it works. Better to check now than when it is too late!

Set the glass aside. Move the center part back and (that holds the glass in place) out of the way to get to the part that the wick come out of. Take your wire cutters and cut out a square in the BACK of the piece that has the knob so your cord can lay flat in there and your glass will be able to fit over it. Make sure it is not jagged so your cord will get be damaged.

(This photo was taken after the lantern was done. I wanted to add a pic of the cord)
Then take your light cord with clamp light and place the cord in the cut out square. Remove your light bulb and push down to clamp it into the base that has the knob to lift the wick. Place your light bulb back into the clamp light.
Now take your wire cutters and cut away half of the hump part where the wick comes out. Place it back over the clamp light to make sure it will fit over the clamp light. The edge will be jagged so you will want to take your regular pliers or needle nose pliers and fold the edge inward.

Move that piece that you just cut over your light and back into position. Make sure that your clamp light is centered.

Then take paint/sponge brush dip it into some mod podge and and start coating small areas at a time and sprinkle your spices on it. Shake off excess spices and continue until your whole lantern is covered. Do small sections at a time and do not worry if some of the black shows through, it give it a nice primitive look! Don't forget to coat the bottom of it and your handle. If you need to touch up any areas do it now. Let it set to dry.

Once your whole lantern and handle are covered in spices and it dried, place the handle back on the lantern and take it outside and spray the whole lantern with the clear matte spray to help seal it. Don't worry the spices will still smell nice and strong!
Then when the lantern is completely dried place your glass back in the lantern and turn it on. Now you can find a nice prim place to display your prim rusty lantern light!

Hope you have fun making one !!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is in bloom!

I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the free pattern. You are very welcome!! Just my way of giving back and saying thank you, to all of you!

It sure is beautiful and sunny here today. I was just outside and saw that some of my Spring flowers were blooming and had to take a couple pics of the daffodils and Hyacinth. Hope you enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Ebay Listing & Free Pattern

Thanks everyone for the kind words about my unemployment! I am enjoying the time off and having fun creating. Next week I plan to get some Spring cleaning done....room by room!

I am also enjoying the warmer weather and working out in the garage on some more wooden creations. I just finished an Americana angel and listed her on Ebay. Here is a little glimpse of her and you can see her auction by clicking here.

I have also listed a new free pattern!!! It is my primitive old glory pattern. The pattern is in the right side column. Hope you enjoy making it!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flea Market Find & New Ebay Listing

Sorry I was not around to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

I had so much going on....last Thursday, I got laid off from my job!!!! I knew things were slowing down but I did not see that one coming...just figures, right before a holiday! They may have an opening in a couple of months for a different position...so I will have to see what happens and keep my eyes open for a new job. Until then, I will have more time to do what I love....CREATE!!

Saturday we had our Easter dinner and we had all of our nieces and nephews and their significant others over...we had a blast and dinner turned out great. We all ate way too much.

Sunday morning we headed off to the flea market....yes, they were open! There were a few more sellers than last time but still not packed like usual. Hopefully with the warmer weather things will pick up! I managed to find this little treasure. It is a vintage chicken feeder with an antique barrel shaped pickle jar. I can bet you all can guess what I plan to do with it, right?

I know with the warmer weather just around the corner I love to decorate my front and back porch with primitive flea market finds and such so it got me thinking...... and I have come up with a new Primitive Porch Series. I used to dabble in making wooden items and thought about making some primitive wooden items to decorate your porches with. My first Primitive Porch creation is based on a TFC Folk art doll and is listed on Ebay along with my Americana black cat doll. Click here to view my auctions
Here is a sneak peak of her.

She is a one of a kind! I have a few other items to add to my series and can't wait to share them with you!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Primitive Americana Black Cat Doll

Well, the weather has just got worse...it is actually snowing snowballs here. I have never seen snow fall that large before! Hopefully it will stop soon and not stick too much! The only good thing is I finished another item, lol! This is Harold, he measures 12 1/2" tall and is my Americana black cat doll. He has a stitched on nose and eyes adorned with tiny rusty bells, rusty wire whiskers (say that five times fast, lol) and a rusty wire collar with bell. I stitched a grungy American flag on him and embroidered U S A towards the bottom of him. He would look great sitting on your prim shelf or tucked in between your other prims and antiques.

If you would like to purchase him, just give me a hollar at sweetpeasprimitives@comcast.net with your name and mailing address. I accept payapl, money orders and personal checks with a 7 day hold. Please let me know how you wish to pay for her when emailing. Harold will arrive signed and dated.

Hand Sewn Early Primitive Vintage Quilt Prairie Doll

I am offering this sweet primitive quilt prairie doll ~ Sarah, for sale on my blog. Sarah measures 11" tall and is entirely made from a vintage quilt and is completely hand sewn. Sarah has a gusset head with removable bonnet and has penciled facial features. Her head is stuffed with pieces of the quilt for that old lumpy feeling of days gone by. Her body and arms are rolled and she can stand on her own. Her dress and bonnet are also made from the same vintage quilt. She has a twine tie around her dress with a couple sprigs of sweet annie and the year 1809 stitched on the bottom of her dress. You will just love how old she looks! Click on each picture for a larger view.

If you would like to purchase her, just email me at sweetpeasprimitives@comcast.net with your name and mailing address. I accept payapl, money orders and personal checks with a 7 day hold. Please let me know how you wish to pay for her when emailing. Sarah will arrive signed and dated.
SOLD ~ Thank You!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Flea Market Find

Wow. I cannot believe I have not posted for so long. I am so sorry and promise to get better with that! I wanted to share my flea market find with you.

I found this treasure two weeks ago at one of our local flea markets. It was opening week and there were only about 10 sellers but I managed to come home with this terrific find! I knew, the minute I saw it, I just had to have it and was in love, lol! I did a search on the internet and found out it is an antique oak wooden water keg with a bail handle.

It is all original, including the wooden red handle!

I cannot wait to get back there to find more treasures. It was snowing last Sunday so I could not go back and they are calling for rain this Sunday. Hopefully the weather will break and I will be able to go back soon!