Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ice Storm

Yesterday we had an ice storm. The streets were a sheet of ice. I was so happy to have had the day off to stay home and not have to travel.

Today it feels like Spring with a high of 63 degrees. The weather sure has been goofy this year. I sure wish it would stay warm like this until Summer, lol. Yeah, I know....fat chance of that happening. At least I was out enjoying the warmer weather.

I am going to work on finishing my tutorial and hope to have it up tomorrow along with a new item or two....hopefully! Enjoy the weekend!!


Karen said...

I'm glad the ice storm didn't make things difficult for you and take out the power.
Your weather is strange like ours is. Friday it was bitter cold. Saturday it rained all day and night into yesterday with 55 degree temps! Melted tons of the 20+ inches of snow we had all week long.

Cookie said...

Hope your Christmas was wonderful in spite of the terrible weather, Lottie! Would you believe my hubs woke me up at 2am Saturday morning with a TORNADO warning going off? This weather is crazy! Your tree is gorgeous and thank you for the sweet Santa Ornie pattern.
Have a safe New Years Eve - many blessings ♥

Sweetpea said...

Hi Karen,
Thank goodness the power did not go out! I think everyone had some crazy weather. It is so nice to see grass again and not just snow. Wow....20+ inches of snow. I like some snow but that is way too much, lol.

Sweetpea said...

Hi Cookie!
We had a really nice simple Christmas. I hope yours was great as well. I sure do believe you had a tornado warning. Saturday we had a thunderstorm and tons of rain. Thank you so much for the kind words and I hope you enjoy the pattern!
Happy New Year!!