Sunday, February 1, 2009

NEW Primitive Abby Rabbit Make Do Pattern

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!! I really do not have a favorite this time but do enjoy watching the game. It is half time right now and the score is Steelers 17, Cardinals 7. Got some hot wings in the oven and lots of dips and snacks but wanted to get my new pattern listed before I pig out, lol. The pattern is for my Primitive Abby Rabbit Make Do on the left side bar. I will also list her on Pattern Mart shortly.

Time sure does fly by. I wanted to get some new things listed on Ebay but there just was not enough time this week to get them done. I will have new items listed soon!

Well, going to go enjoy the half time show. Enjoy the evening!!


Cookie said...

Love her, Lottie! Dang, I sure wanted the Cards to win - thought they were gonna pull it out too - but it was a great game and the Steelers (whom I also love) deserve the win ♥

Doreen said...

Love your rabbit pattern Lottie.

Hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl!

Take care,

TeresaM said...

Love love love your Rabbit Make-Do!!!

Back in the Day said...

Love the pattern for Abby! I myself am a Steelers fan so I was nail biting at the end!

Karen said...

Sorry to be so late posting....we were in Pennsylvania all week and we watched the Super Bowl at our cousins house.
We had hot wings too!
Cute rabbit!!!!

kornkribprimitives said...

She is wonderful!! I sure wanted the Cardinals to win but it was an awesome game!
Prim Blessings ~ Linda

Liz said...

I love your blog! I have giving you award. Read about it at my blog