Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Ebay Listings and New Goal

I have decided to give myself a new goal .....to have something new listed on Ebay every other day. I hope I can keep up with it with this warmer weather coming. At least I am doing better posting on my blog, lol!

I have just listed a couple new auctions, one yesterday and the other today
to take a peek, click here.


Susie@YLP said...

I would love to get that motivated.
I do really well in bursts and fits, but not in the long haul. Here's to ya for trying! Susie

schutt6 said...

WOO HOO Lottie! sounds good to me!!! you just chug along and hopefully some of those goodies will come to live in my home! hee hee hee!!!

Sweetpea said...

I am just hoping I can stay that motivated, lol. Thank you.

Thanks. I will try my best to keep chugging along, lol. I know those goodies would have a great home:)


frommyhearprimitives said...

I'm pulling for ya. I've been trying to go by a list...some days it works.....some days it don't. More don't... than do's. LOL
But I'm cleaning out my cellar and boy have I tossed out the stuff. If I can't use it right now it's gone. Bye, bye!
Will be checking on ya now so be good.