Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enjoying Some Blooms

on this hot day. The past couple of days have been in the 90's here! Been wanting to go camping but it has been way too hot. The only thing to enjoy in this heat is the pool! Stay cool :)

Even these poor guys had enough of the heat, lol!!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

90's in Michigan too - thank goodness for air conditioning and a sewing machine! Keep cool, Dawn

April said...

WE have had 90's here in Alabama Too. Your flowers are beautiful. Mine have all but welted.. WE are also dry and hot. I find myself having to water everyday..

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful flowers and those guys are too funny on the fence. We are getting the high temps tomorrow, have plans and they don't include, too hot to paddle;)


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What pretty flowers...hot here too...in the mid 90's for days.
Lucky you with a pool!!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful Blooms!!!
The squirrels are to funny!
Stay Cool & Enjoy the pool!
Prim Blessings