Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What a snow storm!!! We had so much blowing snow and even what they call thundersnow, with lightning and thunder! Well it is hard to exactly how much snow we actually received! The wind sure was brutal yesterday and this morning, leading to 4-6' snow drifts! Hubby is just now digging us out, but don't think we will be driving anywhere soon! Just seen a few plow trucks go by and buried our driveway again! A big thanks to our neighbor for helping Hubby dig us back out! The snow had ended but tomorrow we are in for minus 20-40 below zero wind chills!! Eeeeek....I will be staying inside for sure! Well it is a good day for sewing up some bunnies.....have to Think Spring!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Boy aren't those thundersnows something.
We had them last year for the first time that I ever remember.


WoolenSails said...

You definitely got a lot of snow, we just got a little and then sleet.


Sunny simple life said...

That is incredible. I can't imagine temps that low. Stay safe.