Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alley Cat Rescue.....Please help!!

Jenny from "Wonders of Whimsy" has started a blog called "Alley-Cat Rescue" She is doing such a wonderful thing and needs our help!

Jenny's blog was created to set up a non-profit organization to help the feral cat population in her area. She is hoping to raise money by selling art and taking donations to purchase cages, pay for medical expenses and food. Her goal is to catch, fix and release the cats back to the same spot.

Jenny is offering hand made items up for a raffle on her blog "Alley-Cat Rescue". It will cost $1 per chance to win one of her creations. You can donate $1 or more to help these furbabies in need.

A little bit about feral cats.....

Feral cats are the 'wild' offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Feral cat 'colonies' can be found behind shopping areas or businesses, in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. They are elusive and do not trust humans.

Many people assume their animals will survive when they move away and leave them behind. Contrary to popular belief, domestic animals do not automatically return to their "natural" instincts and cannot fend for themselves! Already, U.S. animal shelters are forced to kill an estimated 15 million homeless cats and dogs annually. The alternative to humane euthanasia for almost every stray is a violent end or slow, painful death. Many "throwaways" die mercilessly outdoors from starvation, disease, abuse --- or as food to a predator.

Please help!


Jenny said...

Wow, Thanks so much for adding this. I especially like your explanation.

I cannot thank you enough for your support!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Hi Lottie!! Thanks for sharing!! So happy to help! I am will donate right away!!! Cathy

lovetheprimlook said...

Hi Lottie, you are such a doll !!! Thank you so much for helping Jenny.


Sweetpea said...

Hi Jenny,
You are very welcome. Thank YOU for helping those furbabies:) Hope it helps out!

Sweetpea said...

Hi Cathy,
Your welcome! Thanks for helping!!

Sweetpea said...

Hi Angie!
Thanks sweetie! Glad I can help. You know I love those furbabies:)