Monday, January 12, 2009

New Pattern and Ebay Listings

Isnt winter just great!!! We are under a Blizzard warning this evening into tomorrow morning. I feel like a little kid hoping for a snow day from school, only I wish it would be a snow day from work, lol! I hope we do not lose power this evening...that would not be fun at all!!!! This week is supposed to be bitter cold. I have been pretty busy last weekend creating more items for Ebay. Here is a peek at my new offerings I listed last night. I am trying to list something weekly. Click here to view my auctions

I have also released the pattern for my primitive Valentine black cat ornie. The pattern is on the left side bar.

Bundle up and stay warm!!!


Karen said...

How very nice....your work is really so great and creative.

Sweetpea said...

Thank you Karen!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Love your work!

Jo said...

Hi Sweetpea
I saw the black santa with the long stocking (pictured on this blog) when you had the finished item for sale on ebay and missed bidding. Do you have it available as a pattern? Thank you.

Sweetpea said...

Thank you Beth!

Hi Jo,
Sorry you missed bidding on the Santa & stocking. I do not have the santa as a pattern. The pattern I used for the santa was a T.F.C. Folk Art pattern with my own touches. The gingerbread doll and stocking were my own designs. Thanks for asking and stopping by!